Shizuoka Marathon 2016

Welcome to the Shizuoka Marathon

The Shizuoka Marathon is the only full marathon in Shizuoka Prefecture sanctioned by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.
Runners are greeted by the World Cultural Heritage site Mt. Fuji.


Features of the Race

Event Guide

Event Name

Ieyasu Tokugawa 400th Anniversary Commemorative Event
Shizuoka Marathon 2016


Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee
Shizuoka City / Shizuoka Athletics Association / Shizuoka City Athletics Association / Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce / Shizuoka Asahi Television / Nikkan Sports News

Event Management

Central Shizuoka Track & Field Association

Supporters (Scheduled)

Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education, Shizuoka City Board of Education, Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association, Shizuoka Tourism and Convention Association, Association of Shizuoka City Neighborhood Councils

Event Schedule

March 6, 2016, 8:20 AM Start *Rain or shine
8:20 Marathon Fun Run Start
9:50 Fun Run Finish
11:00 Elementary School Student Race Start
11:25 Elementary School Student Race Finish
13:50 Marathon Finish


Marathon (42.195 km)

No. of Runners 12,000
Time Limit 5 hours 30 minutes
*7 gates
Participation Requirements [Registered Runners]
Born on or before April 1, 1997
2015 registrants with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations

[Male Student Runners]
2015 registrants with the Inter-University Athletics Union of Japan

[General Public Runners]
Born on or before April 1, 1997
Participation Fee ¥10,000

Fun Run(10 km)

No. of Runners 1,000
Time Limit 1 hour 30 minutes
Participation Requirements Born on or before April 1, 2000
Participation Fee ¥3,000

Elementary School Student Race(3.2km)

No. of Runners 1,000
Time Limit 25 minutes
Participation Requirements Elementary school students, 4th-6th grades
Participation Fee ¥1,000


Marathon (42.195 km) *Course officially certified by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations

Start: Shizuoka City Aioi Ward Office - Finish: JR Shimizu Station East Exit

Fun Run (10 km) *Course shared with Marathon

Start: Shizuoka City Aioi Ward Office - Finish: Sunpu Castle Park

Elementary School Student Race (3.2 km) *Two laps around the moat of Sunpu Castle Park

Start: Shizuoka City Culture Hall - Finish: Sunpu Castle Park

Race Regulations

2015 Japan Association of Athletics Federations regulations, and this event's regulations

Extra Prize

Overall male and female winners of the Marathon will receive invitations to the Taipei Marathon (each winner may also take one accompanying guest)
*Invited runners not eligible
*Arrivals and departures will be from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport.

Introducing the Marathon Course

Course Map

Course Map Shizuoka City Hall Sengen Shrine Rinzai Temple Sunpu Castle Abe River Rice Cake Toro Ruins Nihondaira Zoo Kuno Stonewall Strawberries Kunōzan Tōshō-gū IAI Stadium Nihondaira Orido Eggplant Mt. Fuji as seen from the Port of Shimizu Around JR Shimizu Station Mihonomatsubara

Elevation map of the course per kilometer (approximate)

Places to See

  • Shizuoka City HallRegistered as a tangible cultural property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
  • Sengen ShrineA shrine that many shoguns visited to pay their respects to Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Rinzai TempleShogun Tokugawa Ieyasu was held hostage here when he was a child.
  • Sunpu CastleShogun Tokugawa Ieyasu built this castle in 1585.
  • Abe River Rice CakeRenowned Shizuoka confectionary named by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Toro RuinsA National Historic Monument; ruins from the Yayoi Period.
  • Nihondaira ZooReopened in April 2013 after extensive renovations.
  • Kuno Stonewall StrawberriesA famous place in Shizuoka that uses stone walls on the southern slope of Nihondaira to grow strawberries.
  • Kunōzan Tōshō-gūA shrine that is a designated national treasure, and dedicated to Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • IAI Stadium NihondairaThe home ground of the J League’s Shimizu S-Pulse.
  • Orido EggplantThe eggplant in the saying, “first Mt. Fuji, second a hawk, third an eggplant” (the order of the three objects that are traditionally believed to be auspicious if they appear in the first dream of the New Year) are grown in Miho.
  • Mt. Fuji as seen from the Port of Shimizu 
  • Around JR Shimizu StationMarathon festival booths will be erected around JR Shimizu Station for when you finish the race.
  • MihonomatsubaraThe scene of the Legend of Hagoromo, and World Cultural Heritage listed.