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Shizuoka Marathon 2017 Event Guide

Event Name

Ieyasu Tokugawa Commemorative Event
Shizuoka Marathon 2017
*certified by Japan Association of Athletics Federations



Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee
Shizuoka City / Shizuoka Athletics Association / Shizuoka City Athletics Association / Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce / Shizuoka Asahi Television / Asahi Shimbun Company / Nikkan Sports News


National Ieyasu Network

Event Management

Central Shizuoka Track & Field Association

Supporters (Scheduled)

Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education, Shizuoka City Board of Education, Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association, Shizuoka Tourism and Convention Association, Association of Shizuoka City Neighborhood Councils

Event Schedule

March 5 (Sun), 2017, 8:20 AM Start *Rain or shine
8:20 Marathon Fun Run Start
10:00 Fun Run Finish
10:15 4th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
10:35 5th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
10:55 6th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
11:15 Elementary School Student Race Finish
13:50 Marathon Finish


Marathon(42.195 km)

No. of Runners 12,000
Time Limit 5 hours 30 minutes
*9 gates
Participation Requirements [Registered Runners]
Born on or before April 1, 1998
2016 registrants with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations

[Male Student Runners]
2016 registrants with the Inter-University Athletics Union of Japan

[General Public Runners]
Born on or before April 1, 1998
Participation Fee ¥10,000

Fun Run(11.6 km)

No. of Runners 1,200
Time Limit 1 hour 40 minutes
*2 gates
Participation Requirements Born on or before April 1, 2001
Participation Fee ¥3,000

Elementary School Student Race(1.6km)

No. of Runners 4th grades 200
5th grades 200
6th grades 200
Time Limit 15 minutes
Participation Requirements Elementary school students, 4th-6th grades
Participation Fee ¥500


Marathon (42.195 km) *Course officially certified by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations
Start: Shizuoka City Aioi Ward Office - Finish: JR Shimizu Station East Exit
Fun Run (11.6 km) *Course shared with Marathon
Start: Shizuoka City Aioi Ward Office - Finish: Shizuoka City Central Gymnasium
Elementary School Student Race (1.6 km) *One lap around the moat of Sunpu Castle Park
Start: Shizuoka City Culture Hall - Finish: Shizuoka City Central Gymnasium

Race Regulations

2016 Japan Association of Athletics Federations regulations, and this event's regulations

Sending number cards

No prior registration. All required documents such as number card and runner chip must be sent in advance.
*Proxy runners are completely forbidden under any circumstances.


  1. How to register
    via Internet website
  2. Registration period
    From 10:00am October 7th (Fri) to 23:59pm November 24th 2016
    *The registration is conducted on the first-come first-served basis (and will be closed upon reaching the full capacity)
  3. Priority entry for Shizuoka City citizens (fun run only)
    *Valid for runners living in Shizuoka City
    From 10:00am October 1st (Sat) to 23:59pm October 3rd (Mon) 2016
    *First-come first-served capacity: 700 people (closed upon reaching the full capacity)

Event agreement

  1. The registered information (such as type of the event) cannot be modified or cancelled for any personal reasons after the registration. And if excessive payment or redundant payment happened, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  2. In case of cancellation of the event due to reasons unrelated to the runner (such as earthquake, storm/flood, snow, incident, disease, or any other reasons), the registration fee will not be refunded.
  3. Make sure you do not suffer from any heart diseases or other ailments, and completed appropriate training before the event. Participants would take their own responsibility for any injuries, sickness, accidents or losses that may occur during the event.
  4. Being late for the event on the day due to delays of public transportation or traffic conditions is not accepted.
  5. To participate in the event, prior training and health check is required, please make sure your body is ready to run and take any responsibility for possible sickness. Follow the instructions of the organizers during the event even if you are asked to stop the race due to health conditions. The organizers are only responsible for emergency first-aid treatment for injury during the race. The organizers are not responsible for methods of emergency treatment or progress.
  6. The organizers will not compensate for any accident, loss, illness happened during the race.
  7. The compensation for any accident or injury will be executed within the scope of the marathon insurance (agreement fulfillment cost insurance)
  8. For under-aged participants the approval from guardians is required to register for the race. Also, the approval of all group members is required for group registration.
  9. Lying about your age or gender, or making others run instead of yourself is not allowed. As soon as the lie is revealed, the runner will face instant disqualification with cancelation of all awards and banned from participation in next events. Also, no aid and no refund will be provided.
  10. The participants’ personal information (name, age, gender, records etc.), photos, videos, reports will be likely published or shown in newspapers, magazines , Internet, TV or other publishing with the purpose of advertizing the event. The organizers have rights of use all of the above. Also, participants’full name, number, affiliation information will be published on the website.
  11. The handling of personal information concerning applicants for the event is regulated by the guidelines separately stipulated by the organizer.
  12. During the race, runners may be stopped to let emergency vehicles go. In this case, the time will not be adjusted.
  13. As a rule, runners should run on their own. However, any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (only one person for free) depending on the degree of handicap. If that is the case, please be sure to make your request at the time of registration for entry. No requests will be accepted after that. The ID cards for escort runners will be issued following the designated procedures.
    *The categories where guide runners are allowed are Marathon and Fun Run only.
    *Participants accompanied by escort runners without the ID cards issued by the organizer will be disqualified from the race.
  14. For the safety, the wheelchair applicants are not allowed to participate in the event.
  15. The race is conducted abiding the laws of the country.
  16. For all matters not listed above, follow the instructions given by the organizer of the event.

Privacy policy

The organizer fully recognizes the importance of personal information, and acts in according with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws of Japan.
In order to offer better services to the participants, the organizers will use personal information for the purposes of sending participation guidelines, giving notifications of time records and related information, providing services by co-sponsoring, cooperating, and supporting organizations and other related organizations. Participants’full name, number, affiliation information will be published on the website.

*Applicants may be contacted by the organizer or the Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee Office regarding their registration for further information.

Features of the Race

The running course is renewed

The course was changed for all events. Especially for the marathon we reduced 1 turning point which was a hard spot for runners, the course became less stressful and more fun. With the change of the course the management became more simple; we strive to further improvement in terms of ensuring safety and security. Of course, as it was before, the marathon is recognized officially by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.

Course Guide

Enjoy the fascination of the city marathon and Mt.Fuji views

Shizuoka marathon has dynamic charm of city marathon with participants running in the center of Shizuoka City. One of the features of the marathon is the convenience of its location: the race starts close to JR Shizuoka Station and finishes near JR Shimizu Station. On the other hand, participants will fully enjoy the world cultural heritage spots, starting with Mt.Fuji, the Suruga Bay, Mt. Kuno to name a few, excellent scenery and rich nature, in addition, participants can experience"hospitality of Shizuoka" making the race a truly luxurious event.

The start is in the center of Shizuoka City

Enjoy the thrill of city marathon, exhilaration of running through the city, a sense of unity with the Shizuoka citizens.

Viewing Mt.Fuji, the world cultural heritage

You can see the majestic shape of sacred Mt. Fuji at several scenic areas on the course. And Mt.Fuji is constantly watching over you.

Specialties of Shizuoka are offered to you

Try Ishigaki strawberry, Shizuoka oden, rice cake with kinako and other specialties prepared for you by the supporters of the marathon.

Enjoy history and culture of the land related to Ieyasu Tokugawa

Run the course around famous places from Ieyasu history such as Sunpu Castle Park one of the main attractions of Shizuoka, Shizuoka Sengen shrine and Kunozan Tosho-gu, and feel the romance of history and culture by your skin.

More than 400 years of history

The model of modern Shizuoka City was planned by "town distribution" (urban planning) of Ieyasu Tokugawa more than 400 years ago. The participants will run in this town of Ieyasu.

Romance of history and culture

The course runs near the ruins of Sunpu Castle which were the center of politics in the Edo period, Shizuoka Asama Shrine where coming-of-age ceremony of Ieyasu Tokugawa was held, Kunozan Tosho-gu which was dedicated to Ieyasu and others.

Volunteers and cheering crowd along the course encourage the runners

It is the hospitality of Shizuoka.
Volunteers of Shizuoka marathon will encourage the runners altogether.
The town will be filled with energy and power of runners, supporters, cheering people.