Overview of the event

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Event Name

Tokugawa Ieyasu Commemorative Event
Shizuoka Marathon 2018

*certified by Japan Association of Athletics Federations


Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee
(Shizuoka City / Shizuoka-City Sports Association / Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry / Shizuoka Asahi Television / Asahi Shimbun Company / Nikkan Sports News)

JAAF Shizuoka


National Ieyasu Network

Event Management

Central-Shizuoka Athletics Association

Supporting Organizations

Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education, Shizuoka City Board of Education, Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association, SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau, Association of Shizuoka City Neighborhood Councils, I Love Shizuoka Council, Central Japan Railway Company

Race Regulations

The races will be conducted in accordance with the 2017 rules and regulations of Japan Association of Athletics Federations, and this race's regulations

Date & Time

March 4 (Sun), 2018 8:20~ *Rain or shine

8:20 Marathon Start
8:40 Fun Run Start
10:10 Fun Run Finish
10:20 4th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
10:40 5th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
11:00 6th Grade Elementary School Student Race Start
11:15 Elementary School Student Race Finish
13:50 Marathon Finish


Marathon (42.195km)

Number of
12,000 runners
Time Limit 5 hours and 30minutes
※9 check points
As a guide, you can finish under 5 hours 15 minutes.
Eligibility [Registered Runners]
Born before April 1, 1999
2017 registrants with the JAAF
[Male college student Runners]
2017 registrants with the Inter-University Athletics Union of Japan
[General Runners]
Born before April 1, 1999
Entry Fee 10,000 JPY

Fun Run (11.6km)

Number of
1,200 runners
Time Limit 1 hours and 30 minutes
※2 check points
Eligibility Born before April 1, 2002
Entry Fee 3,000 JPY

Elementary School Student Race (1.6km)

Number of
4th grade 200 runners
5th grade 200 runners
6th grade 200 runners
Time Limit 15minutes
Eligibility Elementary school students, 4th-6th grades
Entry Fee 500 JPY


  1. Fun run is an event that aims to enjoy running and having a good time. Therefore, no rank will be announced and there will be no award giving.
  2. The time limit, gate closure time, and finish time are based on the starting pistol.
  3. For traffic, security and competition management reasons, gates placed along the courses of Marathon and Fun Run will have respective closing times. However, there may be cases where you will be pulled out of a race if you fall significantly behind at places other than the gates or the organizer decides that you are going to affect the removal of traffic regulations.
  4. You cannot continue the race after the time limit. Please stop the race promptly following the directions given by the organizer.


Marathon (42.195 km)  *Course officially certified by the JAAF

Start: Shizuoka City Aoi Ward Office
Finish: JR Shimizu Station East Exit

Fun Run (11.6 km)  *Course shared with Marathon

Start: Shizuoka City Aoi Ward Office
Finish: Shizuoka City Central Gymnasium

Elementary School Student Race (1.6 km)

One lap around the moat of Sunpu Castle Park
Start: Shizuoka City Culture Hall
Finish: Shizuoka City Central Gymnasium

Check points (Gates)

The following are the gate closing times of the Marathon. (Same closing times for the Fun Run until the 2nd gate)

If a participant cannot pass through the barrier after the closing time of each gate, that means that the competition ends at that gate and the participant will not be able to run anymore. In addition, participants who finished at the gate will be taken to the finish point by bus.

place distance
Kutsunoya 5 cho-me South Intersection 3.7 9:10
Near Johoku Park West Side Bus Stop 10 9:57
Hontori 3 cho-me Intersection 12.5 10:08
Abe River Bridge East End 18 10:49
Tokai Rekisei Industry South Intersection 21.9 11:18
Oya Community Center 27.1 11:57
Kuno Yamashita Intersection 30.7 12:24
NTT Miho Exchange Office 35 12:56
Shizuoka City Government Shimizu Building  41.6 13:45

Start line-up

※ About the meeting place of each start block and line-up time, Please confirm again with the participation guide sent to you beforehand.

Marathon (42.195km)

Line-up 7:20 ⇒ Close Blocks 8:00 ⇒ START 8:20

Fun Run (11.6km)

Line-up 7:20 ⇒ Close Blocks 8:00 ⇒ START 8:40

Elementary School Student Race (1.6km)

4th grade Line-up 10:00 ⇒ START 10:20
5th grade Line-up 10:20 ⇒ START 10:40
6th grade Line-up 10:40 ⇒ START 11:00

Participation Awards

Marathon (42.195km)

1) Functional socks (five finger socks)

A Color
25~27cm Black/
B Color
22~24cm Black/
Sky blue

※You cannot choose the color. However, as a privilege for visiting the Marathon Festival, you can choose the color on the previous day exchange. In addition, there are only limited numbers of socks, so we may not be able to meet your request.

2) Power Tape X30

3) Finishers receive medal and finish towel.

Fun Run (11.6km)

Sports towel

Elementary School Student Race (1.6km)

Long towel


Marathon (42.195km)


men's / women's : 1st–10th place

Registered Runners

men's / women's : 1st–3rd place

Male college student Runners

1st–3rd place

General Runners 10-year age groups (Under 29–Over 70s)

men's / women's : 1st–3rd place

Fun Run (11.6km)

No rank, No award.

※We will measure your records and issue a completion certificate.

Elementary School Student Race (1.6km)

By grade

men's / women's : 1st–10th place