Shizuoka Marathon 2024


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Cancellation of Shizuoka Marathon 2020


Online registration at the JTB SUPORTS STATION.


Registration period

【Attention】The registration has been extended by 12:00, 17th December!

Note:The start block for additional entry will be assigned to only "F" block, and T-shirt color and size will be only "Orange L-size".


  1. The start-running time is the time of the starting shot and the clock officially starts to tick.
  2. To ensure the running goes smoothly, checkpoints equipped with manpower will be set up to facilitate traffic control. In addition to the checkpoint facilities, runners with a very late start or a delayed start that may affect the lift of traffic control as determined by the referee may be disqualified for the competition.
  3. Runners fail to meet the chip checkpoint closing times should stop running as soon as possible as instructed by the organizer.