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Cancellation of Shizuoka Marathon 2020

Event Rules

  1. After registration, no change or cancellation of contest items shall be allowed due to personal reasons; no overpaid or repetitively paid fees shall be returned.
  2. Due to force majeure such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, snow, and infectious diseases, the organizer may announce to cancel the contest for the sake of runners’ safety, and the runners must not object or request a refund.
  3. Do not lie about age, gender and do not run as a substitute runner, or the runner’s qualification, record and award shall be revoked, and the runner shall be forever banned from the event, and the organizer shall not be responsible for any refund.
  4. Runners should pay attention to their own health and be well prepared in advance with necessary training. Runners are also advised to take a health check before the contest, making sure to be free of any cardiovascular disease. On the day of the contest, runners should check their physical conditions before deciding whether to run. The organizer only provides emergency care for the runners, but shall not be responsible for the handling and process.
  5. The organizer shall not be liable for any damages, losses or injuries during the Event.
  6. The organizer will only settle the accidents and injuries that may occur during the Event within the scope of the marathon insurance (performance bond).
  7. If there is a need for the emergency vehicle to pass during the competition, the runners should halt for the vehicle to pass, while the clock is still ticking without suspension.
  8. When the organizer judges that the competition cannot be carried on, runners shall follow instructions to stop running and comply with the safety control and operations set out by the organizer.
  9. Even if it is due to mass transit or road conditions, runners late to start shall not be allowed to run.
  10. Wheelchairs shall not be used for the running.
  11. Basically, runners are on their own in the contest. Runners of the with physical disability may be accompanied by one guide runner (no extra fees) to be included upon registration. Request for a guide runner after registration shall not be accepted. The guide runner must wear the card issued by the Event, or the runner will be disqualified for the contest.
  12. During the competition, if there is any accident or need to ensure the runner’s conditions and safety, the referee, other staff members and police officers may touch the runner, which shall not be regarded as running assistance.
  13. Minor entrants shall have permissions from their guardians for the registration. Group registration must have consents from all the group members.
  14. The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information and shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act as well as relevant regulations set by the Event in handling the personal data.
  15. This Event follows all relevant legal norms of Japan.
  16. In addition to the above, please follow all other relevant instructions set by the organizer.

Event Charter

~ Prohibitions ~
In addition to the regulations stipulated in the Event Rules and Event Charter, the Shizuoka Marathon 2020 prohibits the following acts to ensure safety and prevent accidents. The runner who violates the relevant regulations will be disqualified from the competition, even if in the course of running. If the runner fails to follow warnings during the competition, there will be no certificate issued to the runner despite completion of the running.

Creative dressing is prohibited

Creative dressing may affect running or cause injuries, and may also affect the fairness or the lift of traffic control, and therefore the runners can only carry valuables such as wallets and mobile phones during the competition. All creative dressing and carrying unnecessary items during the competition are strictly prohibited. In addition, dressing and/or facial makeup that makes the runners unidentifiable, aimed to propagate or advocate political and religious beliefs, or violates social customs, are all regarded as creative dressing. Runners in such creative dressing will be disqualified for the competition and shall also be forever banned from the Event.

Other prohibitions

  1. It is prohibited to transfer the runner’s number sticker and chip to other runners.
  2. Lower the headphone volume during the competition in order to hear the Event broadcast or emergency vehicle sirens in the course of running.
  3. Do not change clothes in places near the Event venue which are not designated by the Event.
  4. Do not discard items such as clothing and garbage.
  5. Do not use a baby stroller or run with a stroller.
  6. Do not urinate in non-designated areas.
  7. Behaviors that may be judged as disqualification for the competition.


Application for the official performance certificate

Extra fees will be charged to the JAAF registered runners who wish to apply for the performance certificate. Please be noted that even the JAAF registered runners, if not belonging to the registration group, will not be issued the official performance certificate.

Use of personal data

The organizer will use the runners’ photos, personal data and performance in the following conditions. The organizer has the right to use the runner’s name, gender and affiliation, and announce the information on its official website

  1. The information may be used on printed banners and signboards for better services, and for announcement of the performance and ranking of the competition as well as messages such as future event schedules, co-organizers and sponsoring groups.
  2. The information may also be provided for emergency medical care and to the insurance company. The runner’s medical diagnosis information may be provided for academic purposes.
  3. The information may be provided to the press and TV media for the purposes of reporting, advertising, etc., and used as well on the Event official website or for poster production.

Getting the number sticker

<Pickup of number stickers, timing chips, and other accessories >
Location: 1st floor of Shizuoka City Hall
Time: The day before the event
Note: Please be sure to bring the paper voucher and original passport.
A month before the event, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided at registration. The accessories voucher will be attached to the e-mail, with details of how and where to pick up the goods. Please be sure to confirm your e-mail address.

Belongs storage

The organizer will send a material bag to each of the runners in advance for them to put their belongings in the bags During the Event, the organizer will transfer the material bags from the starting site to the finishing site. The material bag can only be used for personal casual belongings and changing clothes. Please keep your valuables safe on your own.
Delivery of the belongings in the bag may be delayed due to road conditions and may get wet if it rains. If the items in the material bag are lost, the organizer shall not be responsible whatsoever.  
※The time of storing personal belongings is 06:30~07:45

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