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Cancellation of Shizuoka Marathon 2020


Tokugawa Ieyasu Memorial Event
Shizuoka Marathon 2020, certified by Japan Association of Athletics Federation (JAAF)

Running route certified by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).


March 8,2020  ※regardless of the weather


Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee
(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka City Sports Association, Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce,
Shizuoka Asahi TV, Asahi Shimbun, and Nikkan Sports News Agency)

Shizuoka Land Sports Association


National Tokugawa Ieyasu Network

Directed by

Shizuoka Land Sports Association, Central Region.

Partner Event

Taipei Marathon


Marathon (42.195km)

Marathon (42.195km), maximum 12,000 runners, with a time limit of 5 hours 30 minutes  ※ 8 chip checkpoints

Runners are advised to assess their own physical fitness and experience in marathon, to make sure they can finish running within 5 hours and 15 minutes.

“General Team” for runners born before April 1, 2001.
Fees: 12,000 yen
Foreign runners will be charged an extra handling fee of 2,000 yen.


Marathon (42.195km)

Start: Front gate of Shizuoka City Hall; End: JR Shimizu Station East Exit.

Chip Checkpoints

Locations and closing times

Checkpoint Location Distance
Closing time
1st checkpoint intersection of Kutsunoya and South 5-Chome 3.7 9:10
2nd checkpoint Intersection of Nishikusabukacho, Outer Circular Route 11.0 9:57
3rd checkpoint east side of Abekawa Bridge (the corner of Seibu Building Materials Shizuoka branch) 18.0 10:49
4th checkpoint In front of the head office of the Shizutetsu JoyStep Bus 22.0 11:19
5th checkpoint 200 meters behind the intersection of Oyagawa Drainage Ditch 27.3 11:58
6th checkpoint intersection  at the foot of Mount Kuno 30.9 12:25
7th checkpoint intersection of south Komagoeminamicho 35.0 12:56
8th checkpoint intersection in front Shimizu Government building 41.6 13:45

※The above distances and closing times are tentatively scheduled. The official schedules will be announced in late January 2020 on the Event website.

Gathering Time

Marathon (42.195km)

Gathering start: 07:20 => end: 08:00 => Running start: 08:20

※Please refer to the runners’ guide for details of the times and locations.

Competition Rules

In accordance with the regulations set by JAAF and the 2019 Marathon Event.



[Integrated Group]
Men’s and women’s contestants winning the 1st to 10th places
Contestants winning the 1st to 3rd places will be awarded on the event day, and other winners will receive the certificate of merit through postal mails.
Each of the winners of the men’s and women’s integrated contest may have one companion to join the Taipei Marathon event together. (Taipei Marathon and Shizuoka Marathon are partner events)

※The award covers round-trip airplane tickets for two from Shizuoka to Taipei, along with accommodation and registration fees.
 For winners giving up the participation in the Taipei Marathon, no airplane tickets and accommodation will be offered.

※Invited runners are excluded.

[Age Group]
Men’s and women’s contestants winning the 1st to 3rd places
(Under age 29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, over 70)
No award will be given on the event day; instead the certificate of merit will be mailed to the winners.

※Invited runners and registered group runners are excluded.

[Tokugawa Award]
This is for runners aged 75 or older, who finish the running within the limited time.
No award will be given on the event day; instead the certificate of merit will be mailed to the winners.

~Runners of any group finishing the marathon will receive the Finisher Medal and the Finisher Towel.

Participation Award

1. One quick dry T-shirt (made by PHITEN)

Please choose your favorable size and color as show below.
The size is by the JASPO scale, please confirm your chest size and height.

JASPO scale Chest size(cm) Height (cm)
SS 81~87 157~163
S 85~91 162~168
M 89~95 167~173
L 93~99 172~178
O 97~103 177~183

<Color> Green, Orange

※The availale colors may vary.

2. Phiten Power tape X30 (50 pieces)